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Keep your content fully organized

Track how your content is creating: from designing the brief to publishing on your site in one click. Automated features help your creative teams keep everything done.

Automated workflows

After you create a workflow with roles, the post will move automatically from one team member to another. Just click on Next Step and post will appear on the next member's board, notifying them: the text is ready for editing, reviewing, adding images, checking SEO, or publishing, etc.

Collaboration in real time

Edit, comment, suggest in real time. Lemmova autosaves all your edits automatically and allows to revise the history of your and editor's changes. All statuses of the process are auto-changeable. No needs to drag the cards, manually inform about changes, and manually publish the posts.

Structured content creation process

Create a structured brief for your content: meta tags, plan with checkboxes to ease the author to follow, requirements or use the drafted templates for blog, technical, social posts, and emails. When your post is ready – publish it on your site or social networks directly from Lemmova.

All-in-one content creation tool

Manage content easily and in one place without thousands of docs, spreadsheets, boards, cards, and tools

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